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[FAQ] How to be a community helper staff?

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PostZepto on Sun 22 Nov 2015, 1:33 pm

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Helper is a part of the community staff in this server, The duty of a community helper is to help those who needed help or new in this server, they can help through /newb or newbie question and answer chat or by accepting and teleporting to a player who requested a help (cmd is /requesthelp to request a help). Being a community helper is just a light duty, but we will not choose a helper with a bad behaviors & those helper are assigned by our head admins and they've been chosen because of there good behavior.

1. How to be part of the community staff?
- Simple, apply in this section:

2. If I will apply in the community staff with the application, Is it automatically I'll be a community helper?
- No, you will not be automatically a community helper. You will be reviewed for 1 week to 2 weeks. If you have the behavior requirements, then maybe, just maybe you will be part of the community staff.

3. Can I ask in /report if I can be a community helper?
- Again NO!, you are just wasting your timing reporting it and you are wasting your chance to be one of the community helper.

4. Is there other way to be one of the community helper?
- Again and again, There is no other way, just apply and have patience. Just do your best to be a good and role model to other players.

5. Is being a part community helper is the one way to be a part of admin team?
- Yes it is, but we will not promise you if you can join the A Team.

-Expect for more FAQ soon..

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